It is just a small dent, why should I fix it?

A ding or dent here and there, what can it possibly be hurting, right?

Lets start with the obvious. It is annoying and unsightly. No matter how clean and shiny your car is, your eye goes straight to the "blemish" every time you walk past it. It is easy to put dent repairs on hold especially if you have other obligations to focus on, and financials are not readily available. The truth of the matter is by not fixing the dents you run the risk of making the area (and surrounding areas) an even larger eyesore, in addition, a deeper problem could be lying under that dent that will cost you more in the end.

As I am sure you can imagine, not fixing the dent in a timely matter will make the area get much worse. The clear coat will chip and paint will start to flake away from the car's body. Now your car looks much worse which means you now require a higher level of repairs. Your paint job is a major part of your vehicle, therefore, you will want to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

If paint damage was not enough to get it fixed, you are not going to like what comes next. Yes, you guessed it! RUST! When the paint is damaged, it leaves the metal beneath exposed to the elements. If you have not experienced rust before, you need to understand that rust is not just a paint/surface problem, it affects the actual structure of your car. Even the smallest of dents can let these kinds of issues occur because they allow for the moisture to work its way into the vehicle and expose you to the weather. If you are near salt water, as we are, you know what the elements can do to everything that is left outside...your vehicle is no different.

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